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Wolf Rock Cave

Project Vernon Parish

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Wolf Rock Cave is located in the Vernon Unit of the Calcasieu Ranger District of Kisatchie National Forest.  The cave dates to around 2500-1000 B.C.E. and was likely used by native peoples to shelter or to collect tool making material.  Today, the cave is easily accessible via a short trail from the parking area and it overlooks Bundick’s Creek.

Wolf Rock Cave is also a stop along the Myths & Legends Byway that runs through Vernon, Beauregard, and Allen Parishes.  The Myths & Legends Byway Scenic Byway covers a portion of the area formerly known as “no man’s land” — an area once populated by outlaws and gunslingers.  The byway is divided into 3 drive able sections: Section 1 – Burr’s Ferry Bridge to Anacoco Creek, Section 2 – Rosepine to Pickering, Section 3 – Pickering to Pitkin – Wolf Rock Cave is part of Section 3- Pickering to Pitkin.

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Additional Information:

More information available from the US Forest Service on Wolf Rock Cave.

More information on the Myths & Legends Scenic Byway can be found on the Vernon Parish Tourism Commission website.

Louisiana Byways website.

Kisatchie National Forest, Calcasieu Ranger District, Vernon Unit

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